Calmira Features

Icon based file manager

  • Displays each directory in a free floating icon window
  • Operated using drag-and-drop
  • Lets you attach a meaningful description to each file
  • 4DOS compatible description files
  • Copies, moves and finds files in the background
  • Can show user defined icons for every file type


  • Drag any icon onto the desktop for fast access
  • Create alias files that point to other objects
  • Drag and drop objects into desktop shortcuts and aliases


  • Displays buttons for programs, icon windows and explorer
  • Clock also shows free memory and resources
  • System tray to dock small utilities
  • Lets you manage program windows and terminate tasks
  • Can stay on screen or pop up when required

Wastepaper bin

  • Drop icons in to move files/folder to a hidden directory
  • Can use a separate storage directory for each hard disk
  • Restore trash to original location or drag to new folder
  • Garbage collection clears older trash when bin is too full

Start menu

  • Nested program groups and items to any level
  • Opens folders and dialog boxes
  • Shutdown dialog to quit, reboot, or restart Windows
  • Choose any icon or bitmap file for each menu item
  • Tree based drag-and-drop menu editor


  • Easily accessible options with on-screen explanations
  • Uses property dialogs with tabbed notebook controls
  • Built-in INI file editor for fine tuning
  • Change screen colours, fonts and dimensions
  • Assign icons and hot-keys for shortcuts, menu items and almost any window
  • Hundres of user-controlled settings and preferences.

And MUCH more...

 Calmira System Requirements

  • 386 processor or higher
  • Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups 3.11
  • At least 4 megabytes (MB) of memory
  • A VGA monitor or better
  • A mouse

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