Calmira Tips mailing list

What is the Calmira Tips Mailing List?
The CTML is a place to discuss the Calmira shell, including (but not limited to) tips, tricks, problems, ideas, opinions, raves, lumps, etc. Anything at all to do with Calmira.

Calmira Tips archive
Feel free to browse through the Calmira Tips archive, by clicking on the eScribe button on the left.

How do I subscribe?
Read the Policy and then click on the link below to subscribe. Choose the primary or digest list. In the primary list you get all the messages individually. In the digest list once or twice a day you'll get a message containing all the recent postings.


  • This is a closed list. You must join before you may post to it.
  • No flames or other nastiness... Remember the Golden Rule.
  • Mind your mailbox. If posts to you bounce, I will automatically remove you and you'll have to re-subscribe after writing to me.
  • Please, no HTML, MIME, or RTF mail. Most of us use plain-text mail clients, and an encoded message is very hard to look at, as well as being a bandwidth hog.
  • This list is non-commercial in nature. No advertising for monetary gain is allowed.
  • Very importantly, there are members of many nations of varying cultural and religious sensiblilties, so as per the old axiom, NEVER discuss religion, sex, or politics. This is NOT the place for that.
  • Most importantly, NEVER post binary data and/or attachments to the list. This is cause for immediate removal without further warning!
  • In these, and all other matters, the listowner's discretion will prevail and is FINAL.

If your browser's email is properly set up, all you have to do is click here and hit send to subscribe.

If that doesn't work or you like to subscribe with another email account, just send an email to with the following words in the subject line or the body: subscribe calmira_tips

In either case, you need to answer an automated confirmation before you will be subscribed. This is to prevent others from falsely subscribing you.

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