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About Brian Johnson, former owner of Calmira Online!
IM (Almost) HO, I'm an intelligent but WIERD sort of guy infesting this world and making it a slightly cheerier and wierder place. I'm 31, and work for a restaurant called Red Robin, a gourmet hamburger restaurant with delicious food made in a CLEAN kitchen :)

Outside of work, the Net, and Calmira, I don't have much of a life. That's OK, tho. I have fun online. :)

About Erwin Dokter, Development coordinator
I am your regular kinda guy... who hopes to turn his computer hobby into a computer job. I still use windows 3.11 because windows 95 didn't like my machine too much, and I am kind of nostalgic :)

As your humble 'Development coordinator', I hope to incorporate the best features from various developers into the main release of Calmira, keeping in mind that even a 386 must be able to run it, and yet providing a few option for those running 'high end' machines as well...

I am relatively new to Delphi, but I learn something every day, and I am not afraid to ask for help when it comes to really technical problems. I can only hope I can do a good job!

About Mike Graenz, FAQ maintainer

My first contact with a computer was in 1993, when my father bought a 386 box for my mother. This computer was awesome (at this time) ;) At the age of 11 (we had the computer for one year then), I coded my first programs in QBasic, it was cool cause my friends did so, too, and so we shared our information and programs. Five years later I started to learn HTML, at this time the 386 box was mine and my father bought a new one, a 233Mhz machine. I started my first website that was hosted by a very good friend who offered me the webspace - the content was about a programmable CASIO calculator.

After a while I changed the content to Calmira, and later to CalPaint, the address was then. In 2002, Gaby offered me the possibility to host my site, I agreed and rewrote the whole site.

After was born I had the idea to create a community site for Calmira users, but I had no clue how to realise this, so I started to learn PHP. After a while I was good enough to set up

About Gaby Chaudry, our generous host
Let's say I'm sort of vintage computer geek. I started to build my own homepage way back in 1998 with a little online exhibition of my computer collection.

Then it began to grow and grow and grow.... So I upgraded the contract with my ISP to a "high performance package", which gave me the possibility to offer webspace and domains to others as well. So, when I heard that is down, I didn't hesitate and offered my help.

Of course, I'm working with WfWG 3.11 and Calmira. I even can't remember how it was without Calmira :-) My machine is a 486-33, therefore DOS/Win 3.11 is the best choice in Operating Systems for it (apart from CP/M-86 ;-)) - and Calmira the best shell!


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